Fairness and Preservation

The livelihoods of our in-shore fishermen are under threat for a number of reasons, and the fleets have disappeared from some parts of our coastline. It’s hard and sometimes dangerous work, so we’re committed to helping by paying them a fair price for their fish and supporting them to preserve their way of life and the heritage of our coastal communities. Our fishermen receive a profit-share and a proportion of profits will be donated to the Fishermen’s Mission.

Value, Freshness and Traceability

Faircatch offers complete transparency of sourcing. We will be able to tell you the name of the boat and the skipper that caught your fish as well as how and where it was caught, and our fish will all have been landed within a couple of days – it doesn’t get fresher than that! Cutting out the middleman and shortening the chain-of-custody means great value for members and a better deal for fishermen. Sometimes, you will have a chance to meet the fishermen at the collection point and find out about their work.

Sustainable Fishing

Small day boats use low impact fishing methods which are kinder to the marine environment, reduce discards and help preserve stocks. Bringing the catch directly from the boat to our neighbourhood ensures food miles are minimised, meaning our members can enjoy the freshest fish knowing they are contributing to a more sustainable, transparent and local food system and helping preserve the oceans for future generations.

Community and Learning

Faircatch will bring together like-minded people who care about the quality and provenance of their food and the environmental impact of their consumption. Our collection hubs will give members a chance to meet their neighbours, learn about responsible choices and the challenges facing our fishing communities and, through fish preparation demonstrations, become more comfortable with cooking and enjoying a wider range of locally-caught species.